The mankind, especially the poor and the weaker sections of the society is always left in a helpless situation every now and then by one or the other disasters which are caused by the man-made things or due to the wrath of nature. Thus it becomes necessary to help them in every right way out these hapless situations which can restore their faith in God and also satisfy their every basic need. The Christian churches and organizations situated in the various parts of the world are serving the mankind.

Westside Family Church is one such non-political and non-profit Christian community church which is providing every help to the homeless and needy people. Their main aim is to restore the belief and faith of people in the love of Jesus Christ in their hard time so that they would trust God and not leave the path of religion. Other than this, this family church is serving and leading its way in providing the help and services to the people in need so that they can be provided with aid and right education. Here are some of the beneficial services which the church is doing for the poor and needy people:-

  • Providing education to the poor children: – The church has created special programs for the weak, needy and poverty ridden children which help in protection and rescue of child from every kind of tough situations. They have featured a unique plan for children under which they will spread the love and message of Christ, provide education, food and medical facilities to the needy children.
  • Transforming lives of the helpless and needy women: – This church has started a women empowerment program under which they have provided training to many women missionaries to spread the love and message of God to women in the rural areas. Most of the rural women are living in the state of ignorance with no educational knowledge and they are in genuine need of every help which will help in making their lives fruitful and better.
  • Helping the victims who have survived the natural disasters: – Another significant service, which is being provided by this compassionate organization is towards the helpless victims affected by the disaster. They are mostly deprived of water, food, clothing and shelter, water during man-made or natural disasters. The church provides them with all the basic necessities, their medical aid and every other help needed.

Other than providing food, shelter or education, the Westside Family Church Lenexa KS is helping people in other unique ways too. Other services of this community church includes:-

  • Spreading the message of God and reaching out to people with the beliefs and prayers from the Christ.
  • Helping them to gain confidence on themselves and restore their faith in God.
  • Conveying them the words said by God.

Lastly, it can be seen that this charitable church has done a lot for the mankind in respect of restoring their lost faith and beliefs across the various parts of many countries.