There are so many products that are available in the steroids market that it sometimes leaves he users confused. Someone who is new to the segment may be baffled with the number of products and their various uses.  The use of cheque drops for weight lifting for weight lifting has been unheard off by many.

Steroids are used to accelerate the body process of muscle growth and boost the stamina. Athletes and body builders often restore to these products to improve the body composition and their physique apart from the usual.  These are mainly prescription drugs that are used by these professionals. The use of non-prescription drug in grey market is also not very uncommon.  The use of cheque drugs hence comes to the frame.

What are cheque drops?

Cheque drops are veterinary grade drug that is used mainly for dogs. The main reason why Cheque drops are used is to prevent the female dog to go into the heat. It is known by the chemical name mibolerone.  These androgenic steroids restrict the effects of estrogen in female body. It triggers the hormones and stimulates the ovulation process.

Why Body builders take Cheque drops?

It is definitely not recommended that cheque drops are consumed by humans. It is strictly made for veteran use.  The ability of this Anabolic steroid to bind and seek out certain androgen receptors attracts most of the male attention towards it. Androgens are hormones in males which triggers the creation of secondary sex male characteristics.  The major side effect of the use of this drug is the erratic activity. There are other veterinary steroids like trenbolone that are sometime preferred to Cheque Drop due to the side effects which are less severe and easy to handle.

How do cheque drops works?

The bioavailability of most of the androgenic steroids is reduced by the digestive process. The manufacturer of cheque drop has made significant changes in the drug to maintain its bioavailability.  It is popular amongst the body builders as it provide five times more anabolic properties than any other testosterones. This may even be worry some as they may lead to abdominal bloating, severe case of water retention and increase in blood pressure and Gynecomastia

There are many reasons why body builders avoid the use of Cheque Drops. It is mostly due to the mentioned side effects and also that most of the anti-estrogenic inhibitors are also not effective.

Mostly the side effects of this drug are not even related to the amount of dosage. The users body composition, genetics and body metabolism can have a lot of influence on how cheque drops can have severe side effects on the body.

A major side effect especially in males that consume cheque drops is the suppression of genetically produced testosterones in human body.

Hence there are regulations on the sale of Cheque drops. The product is not easily available and cannot be bought over the counter. There were rumors that mike Tyson used Cheque drops but that was never proven.