Malaysia is a breathtakingly beautiful country which combines stunning historical architecture with a modern metropolitan landscape, it is a vibrant nation full of stunning sites, friendly faces, and mouth-watering food. It’s no wonder why visitors fall in love with the country and some often plan to stay and work in its many spectacular cities, but, finding adequate employment can be challenging.

Understanding Employment Laws

Like many South East Asian countries, Malaysia has a number of jobs which are unavailable to foreign workers, there are certain constraints put in place to protect the local workforce from foreign applicants. If a Malaysian business wants to hire a foreign employee, they must first prove that there is no other Malaysian national, who can do the same job, these positions are usually for highly skilled applicants. Nonetheless, if you are persistent,there are always opportunities to be found.

Teaching English

Malaysia is a popular tourist destination with huge amounts of foreigners visiting the country every year, Malaysian companies have to find employees with a proficient level of English to service these visitors, especially in the travel and tourism industry. If you are a native English speaker, there are a number of online sites which can help you find a job as an English teacher, some cater specifically for the Malaysian market.In addition, it is quite easy to complete an online TEFL course and be ready in no time to begin teaching in Malaysia.

Learning to Speak the Language

Another option for foreigners is to learn to speak Malay, although a number of people speak English throughout the country, it can still be considered basic to a certain degree. A foreigner who can converse in Malay would be a highly employable candidate and any Malaysian company would be more than happy to offer a position to such an individual, being fluent in Malay would be extremely beneficial during job interviews, communicating with staff members, and all general aspects associated with working in the country.

Where to Look

There are numerous online jobs sites which advertise positions for foreigners who wish to work in Malaysia and its many cities, for instance, job vacancies in Kajang can be searched for here online with the touch of a button. If you are searching for employment in Kuala Lumpur, you can look through local Malaysian sources like The Star or New Strait Times newspapers which have a number of positions in their classified sections. There are countless online sites, some with segments entirely dedicated to helping you find jobs in Malaysia.

Understanding Work Permits

Once you have secured your position in Malaysia, it is important to fully understand your work permit to make sure you do not break any local laws or employment policies. A Malaysian work permit will allow you to avail of benefits such as insurance and the ability to open bank accounts.

Sourcing a position in South East Asia can be difficult, but there are always opportunities for foreigners to live and work legally in countries such as Malaysia, hopefully, some of the tips above will help foreigners make that transition and find that perfect position in Malaysia.