Most people love to show others their beautiful white teeth whenever they smile or have a conversion with them. However, over time they find that this part of their mouth becomes yellow and contains stains. This condition occurs in such individuals because of a variety of reasons. These include drinking too much coffee, the aging process, excessive accumulation of plaque, chewing tobacco products, smoking and tartar deposits. The consumption of certain antibiotic tetracycline drugs, which doctors prescribe for children can result in this type oforal disorder. Discoloring of a person’s teeth can lower his/her self-confidence, make him/her appear older than his/her actual age besidescreate a negative impression in the minds of others.

Dr. Kami Hoss is a professional dentist from San Diego in California, United States with more than 20 years of valuable experience in the field of pediatric dentistry and orthodontics. This doctor from the UCLA School of Dentistry is also the Chief Executive Officer of The Super Dentists, one of the largest dental clinics in the region that employs over 120 medical practitioners. He says people who find that their teeth are becoming yellow as they grow old should opt for teeth whitening treatments. They should also avoid consuming too much beverages like tea, coffee, red wine or colas, abstain from smoking and chewing tobacco before, during and after such procedures.

Tooth Whitening Procedures – Bleaching

This prominent dentist says bleaching is one of the most common procedures medical professionals in this field use to whiten their patients’ teeth and remove undesirable stains. In this dental treatment, these specialists first cover the gums of such individualswith a gel-like substance or rubber shield. Then they apply a whitening product on their teeth. The hydrogen peroxide in this substance breaks down and the oxygen penetrates the enamel to lighten their teeth. He further explains that while this process cannot ensure sparkling white teeth, it goes a long way in lightening the shade.

Laser whitening

In this procedure, the dentist places a dam made of rubber of the teeth of the person he/she is treating in order to protect his/her gums. After this, the medical practitioner applies a bleaching product on this individual’s teeth. The specialist then uses laser, whose strong light beam activates the chemicals in this substance to whiten the color of his/her patient’s teeth to shade, which is five to six times lighter. The entire treatment takes at least an hour to perform and it is possible for the person undergoing this treatment to maintain this shade of his/her teeth for a period of up to three years.

Dr. Kami Hoss further clarifies that in the case of bleaching, the patient undergoing the treatment may have to visit the dentist three to four times to get the results he/she desires. However, in the case of laser whitening, it is possible for the medical practitioner to complete the procedure in one session. Moreover, he advises people that smoking, chewing tobacco or drinking beverages like tea or cola can lead to further discoloration and staining even if they opt to undergo these procedures.

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