Today we are going to deal with the influence of colors in the branding process and the image of the brand, the advertising and the corporate idea in general. The strategic use of color in the branding can make a brand stand out, be given the capacity to be recognized in an environment saturated with messages of advertising and competitors. The key to all this and to gain visibility depends on many times right in the choice of the color in the branding.

The colors for the design of a brand is used in a random way, but the influence they have on the perception of consumers goes beyond the aesthetic sense. It is said that culture, education, its shortcomings, the style of life, geographical areas and the age of our target are many of the things that affect the interpretation of the colors of the branding on a brand. All are capable of projecting emotions and messages on the reading they have of the brand.

In our digital marketing agency Orange Label Advertising, because we believe that the process of design of a brand, advertising or the product image is of the utmost importance that we can take decisions about the colors you want to use in the branding and advertising, as it must meet certain requirements, such as:

  1. Create impact “attention”
  2. Give the message “reinforce the idea that we wish to convey”
  3. Gain visibility.
  4. Sell “in order to convey an emotion that promotes the desire of consumption”.
  5. The loyalty of our customers “to be remembered and promote replication of purchase”

The main use of color in the branding creates a function that was very influential in the customers, because they can see in the advertising of the mark the personality of the same. A perfect example is “no one can imagine the mark of the Coca-Cola in blue” or a “brown” Ferrari in a suit of “Ermenegildo Zegna (famous Spanish designer) In Yellow”.

With this we are saying that the true function of the color in the branding is to make all the brands and products are immediately recognizable by customers and consumers. When a brand you want to be at the top of a competitive market niche, the corporate color is what will allow you to mark territory with lead foot and get as well, the power to differentiate itself from its environment and its competence.