During a press conference that took place in the center of the city of California, it was mentioned that have been assessed positively the data obtained from the latest surveys on the consumption of alcohol and drugs throughout the city. These data indicated that, and confirmed the rumors that there is a tendency in the consumption of other substances, such as alcohol, marijuana, heroin, with the exception of cocaine which is kept at the top of the pyramid of the most consumed drugs in the region as a whole.

The experts consider and advise the families who are suffering because of the cocaine addiction that have one or more loved ones not to lower their guard, because we need to consolidate this trend and to reduce the consumption of certain substances that occupy a significant place and are accentuated in levels really disturbing and alarming. What concerns families also is that the consumption of cocaine, cannabis and alcohol is one of the most dangerous combinations that is damaging to our young people.

Currently, the United States continues to be at the head of the world consumption of cocaine, it is said that 20% of consumers between 14 and 65 years of age to recognize it and continue to consume these substances in recent years and almost 11% claim to consume it. With regard to the consumption of cannabis, we find that 29.3% of Americans between the ages of 14 to 65 years claim to read it ever and a 8.3% indicate consumption in recent months and a 3.5 per cent indicated that they consume it daily in the past 40 days.

When we talk about the consumption of alcohol, we found that 15.2% of the population recognizes drink alcohol on a daily basis and a 4.3 percent are considered high-risk drinkers and a 79.6% of young people between the ages of 14 and 18 years of age who have consumed alcohol at some time and the remaining 45% reported having done so in the past 60 days. This brings the figures of the surveys carried out.

We invite every one of the families and friends who know or have a family member plunged by the consumption of cocaine, alcohol and cannabis to get in touch with our homes of Discoveryhouses.com rehabilitation so that they can request all the information they need and in this way make the income of that person so much in need of professional help.