Hot Summer Films in Cool Singapore Cinemas

The 2016 summer movie season is expected to break many box office records for Singapore cinemas. Cathay Cineplexes are already gearing up for increased traffic this summer. Whether you are into sci-fi, action, or family flicks, we have your “need to know” guide for summer films right here.

Family Films

Disney’s sequel to “Finding Nemo,” called “Finding Dory,” is enchanting a lot of families in many Singapore cinemas this year. “Finding Dory” follows the titular forgetful fish across the wide ocean in search of her parents. For those who love Disney family adventures, Cathay Cineplexes will also release Disney’s “Pete’s Dragon” and “The BFG” very soon. Some other great family flicks to be released this summer include the adorable “The Secret Life of Pets” and “Nine Lives.”


One of the biggest sci-fi releases this summer is “Star Trek: Beyond.” This film is the third in the highlysuccessfulreboot of the 1960s American TV series. In celebration of this film, Cathay Cineplexes are offeringTrekkies the chance to winawesome Star Trekmerchandisesimply by joiningtheirofficial contest page on eitherFacebook or Instagram.

Action Films

For peopleintoaction, the movie “Suicide Squad” isgetting a lot of attentionthissummer season. Thisunique movie follows a bunch of supervillainstasked with helping a secret government agency. Also, for thosewho love the action-packedBournemovies by Universal Pictures, Matt Damon willreturnthissummeras Jason Bourne in the film simplycalled “Jason Bourne.”

Korean and ChineseFilms

For fans of Koreanfilms, “The Wailing,” whichisdirected by Na Hong-Jin, will be releasedthissummer in Singapore cinemas. This movie tells the tale of a strange sicknessthatbefalls a small town and the onepolicemanwhodesperatelytries to find a solution.

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An interesting film in Mandarin set to be releasedthisyearis “A Few More Bullets.” This film followstwounlikelypairs of conmen and womenwho are on the hunt for a nationalChinesetreasure. For thosewho love action, adventure, romance, and humor, this film lookslike a winner.