No one can deny this fact that kitchen is considered as the heart of the entire house. Thus, it is quite obvious that you will want your kitchen to look quite unique and different for that of normal kitchen. If you are looking for the reconstruction of the kitchen Poggenpohl kitchens comes up with various new kitchen cabinets and designing. Even if you just modify certain part and appliances of your kitchen it will give a very smart look to your kitchen.

Some tempting kitchen designs of the year:

  1. Gray is in trend- If you are wondering about what color you are going to paint your cabinets then gray shade is too much in trend these days. It completely gives a polished look to your kitchen and brings a lot of positivity in the environment. It is one of the leading colors in the kitchen industry. It completely breaks the old age trend of white cabinet. A kitchen design idea by Poggenpohl comes up with many such cabinets for your kitchen.
  1. Go for new functionality- You cannot find a beautiful kitchen just by changing the color pattern of the cabinet. These days many hardware manufactures come up with different cabinet doors, handles and drawers. It comes with unique and hydraulic and very easy doors which are folded up and quite portable. It also has touch buttons which make the entire processing much easy. With Poggenpohl kitchens space is never an issue.
  1. Black and white classic palette- This look may change the style evolve but the appeal of black and white kitchen and its charm never ends. It is all about the contrast connected to it. Make your counter top also black and white to compliment all your walls and cupboards. When it comes to the flooring keep it simple and it will look very beautiful. Designing your Poggenpohl kitchen does not involve many expenses.
  1. Fresh hues for sinks- Like the kitchen cabinets; the sink is also the basic requirement of the kitchen. From basic white and the stainless steel in the kitchen sink, time has come that people are installing light and fresh colored sinks. This gives a very fresh look to your kitchen. It makes the kitchen far more eye catchy. It does a lot in pooping a small amount of color in the neutral kitchen.
  2. Choose very bold fixture- Always bold color is not the way to create the excitement. There are some kitchen designers who prefer using the oversize light features which would add grace to your kitchen. There are almost 2 feet in the diameter and are slightly larger than you expect for the space provided to you for fixing the kitchen. Poggenpohl kitchens have the best collection of this.


All the above were some of the tempting designs for this year. You cannot stop yourself from buying all these. Poggenpohl kitchens come with one of the best kitchen cabinets all over the world and it also has branches in many parts of India. Their quality is also unbeatable.

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