With the rising number of child obesity, it is now more important than ever to ensure your child becomes active and gets out the house. Since technology became the new ‘thing’ and video games became the ultimate ‘go to’ more and more children have been hibernating indoors instead of going out and exploring the world. There are plenty of games and sports which kids can join, for example they could join their local football, netball, rugby, cricket and many more teams. Not to mention there is also athletics and swimming which really improves health within everyone, never mind kids. But one sport which is fun, exciting and thrilling is shooting.

Shooting has been around for decades with many people participating, the sport used to be associated with upper class men, however, times have changed and now the sport is welcomes everyone. When people first think of shooting then usually think of hunting, however there are plenty of other different types of shooting you can enjoy, for example, clay pigeon shooting and airsoft and BB gun games, like Skirmish. As you can see there are plenty of different types of shooting your kid can pick from, but why should they choose shooting? Well it has been said that shooting is one of the best sports which increase both mental and physical discipline. Adding to this the sport also improves your hand-eye coordination and arm strength, not to mention you can build great friendships with likeminded people.

So let’sthink about what the benefits are of playing airsoft games:

  • One of the main benefits to airsoft games if that you can socialise with your friends, whilst playing a game you love and keeping you fit. What more can you want? Often games like this require team work and leadership skills which can help when growing older.
  • Often when starting off in shooting you won’t know too many people, so the sport enables you to interact with likeminded people and helps build long lasting relationships.
  • Airsoft games usually involve a lot of cardiovascular workout, due to the constant sprinting, ducking, jumping and crawling.
  • You will get to reap all the benefits of shooting in general, like hand-eye coordination and strength.
  • The sport helps you relax and take your mind off things which you might be stressing about,it also takes you away from reality, and most importantly your phone.

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