Winstrol is one of the most widely used anabolic steroids that is gaining demand all across the world. It is the favourite and number one choice of athletes and bodybuilders as it works as an amazing performance enhancing drug, thus making your body strong enough to fight challenges in the athletic arena. The drug is generally suited for the cutting cycle and gives very little contribution in bulking cycle. If taken efficiently, this steroid can do wonders to your body which you will experience when your physique turns out to be remarkably robust and toned within a few days.

How should you take Winstrol supplements?

Winstrol is available in the market both as oral tablets and as intramuscular injections. In both marketed forms, the amount of Stanozolol present is 1 mg. Winstrol is among those rare classes of steroids which are available in both injectable and oral forms, both equally giving powerful and quicker results. There are notable differences in the reports obtained from different Winstrol supplement users. Some bodybuilders have said that the drug was strong enough to pump up the muscle volume within really shorter time span. But you should not always get carried away with flying reports like this. Before entering into the Winstrol Cycle, always stay 100% assured about the drug’s composition and seller details as well as location information in order to keep away from fraudulent dealers.

Cycle for female users:

A woman’s body is slightly complicated than a man’s body in terms of genetic constitution, tolerance power and immunity balance. Anabolic steroids are generally a bit sensitive to women physique and thus female users are prepared to be careful enough while undergoing any steroid programs. Winstrol fall under those steroids which are fairly sensitive to women and thus can be safely used without being too harsh on the female body. There are some first time female users who have reported of onset of virilisation which is not a favourable symptom. Virilisation is defined as the appearance of masculine characteristics in women due to hormonal imbalance. This condition may give rise to facial hair, deepening of the voice and bulked muscles like men due to excess secretion of androgens in the body. When such situations arise, do not continue the drug anymore and immediately consult a doctor for help. There are prominent women athletes who are professional users of Winstrol supplements, taking 10mg of the drug every other day as the starting cycle. Later the dose can incremented gradually to 50mg per day. Do not exceed this limit to avoid adverse masculine effects.

Cycle for male users:

Professional bodybuilders take 50mg of Winstrol tablets per day for 6 to 8 weeks. Since the half life of most anabolic steroids is really short, it should be administered daily in standard concentrations for experiencing better results. The main problem arises when most bodybuilders try to alter the Winstrol Cycle, by taking 100mg tablets for 10 to 14 days towards the end of the supplementation program to get faster and superior results. Winstrol is a hepato-protective drug if taken wisely. Slight variations in the cycle can be risky. So use Winstrol supplements judiciously according to the drug schedule that is especially standardised for your wellbeing.