Dianabol, commonly called in the market as Dbol, is the brand name of an anabolic steroid called Methandrostenolone. The drug is perfect for those who want to have their muscle strength increased along with the size, as the drug is moderately androgenic and high in anabolic.

Dosage Levels of Dianabol

In order to avoid this unsafe dosage level of Dianabol, the patient or the person taking the drug needs to follow strict dosage levels that are prescribed by a medical practitioner. Such kind of dosage of the drug helps in realising the true potential of the drug and avoids any potential harm that occurs with the intake of drug called as Dianabol, or called as Dbol.

The below mentioned side effects can be easily eliminated by avoiding this unsafe dosage level. The side effects of the drug Dianabol that are mentioned below can mostly be avoided by lowering the dosage of the drug, instead of an increased dosage. The side effect that most men suffer due to the usage of Dianabol, called Gynecomastia, can be easily avoided by using some complementary products like Nolvadex, Letrozole and Arimidex. Similarly, side effect of water retention that happens with the usage of drug Dianabol can also be avoided by using some complementary products like Nolvadex, Letrozole and Arimidex.

Another way of avoiding the occurrence of such side effects with the use of drug called Dianabol, by drinking plenty of water, through which side effects such as diseases to liver and kidneys can be easily avoided.

If people prone to high blood pressure are taking this medicine for increasing their body strength, they can avoid the taking of consumption of alcohol, to avoid high blood pressure. Moreover, persons who are prone to high blood pressure should follow the prescription of their medical practitioner and take the Dianabol drug at lower dosages.

Side Effects of the Drug Dianabol

If the drug is found to be used in an unsafe manner, that is, without following the prescription of a medical practitioner, then the person possibly might suffer damage to his or her liver and thereby suffer the ill health consequences.

It is only through following safe dosage levels that the person can avoid such harmful effects on his or her body. While the enzymes inside the liver are elevated with the excessive usage of the drug Dianabol, they can return to the normal stage once the intake of the drug Dianabol is stopped by the person taking it for increasing their body strength.

The other side effects that could potentially occur with the intake of drug Dianabol can be told as increase in blood pressure, short temper, acne, hair loss, skin becoming excessively oily, puffy skin as a result of water retention, and such other estrogenic side effects.


Following the above mentioned dosage procedure, by avoiding this unsafe dosage level, can help in dealing with all the major side effects and thereby help in boosting the strength and energy levels of the body. Finally, it is important that such a steroid should be taken in low dosage levels to reap fruitful results.