Are you looking for some new interior designing trends in 2017? As the year passes by, trend passes by too. So, if you are really a trendy person and loves to manage your home with the best interiors, then this article would be very helpful for you. A home is a place where we relax, where we share happiness or sorrows, where we eat lots of food, where we dance, where we spend time with our loved ones, and it can be said that where we can do anything we want. Your home reflects the type of person you are, for example, if you are environment friendly, people may get to find your home decorated with plants. If you want to make your home look luxurious, then the following new trends of luxury interior design may help you to keep updated with latest trends.

Some of the newly introduced luxury interior design trends you will love:

  1. Terracotta tiles: Although white and cool tone tiles have always been popular, but Terracotta tiles are more popular these days. These tiles have a look like border tiles used in the late 80s, but they have a matte finish that is more likely used in cladding fireplaces or on the walls of bathrooms. So, get attached to the look of the 80s that look beautiful and ever-lasting.
  1. Grace home with Dark green shade: The dark green color is so in these days that it has become a must-have interior color and this is a time to bid goodbye to all old midnight blues or navy blue shades. Adding the dark green color to the chairs or cushions gives the feeling of outdoors.
  2. Jewel tones: The shades of blue and pink are no more in as they are being replaced now by the jewel tones, i.e. the metallic shades, cosmos shade, the shade of clouds, space shades. Using jewel tones would enhance your home and would give it a soft romantic feel.
  1. Let it be green: Decorating a home with green plants and trees never goes out of the trend. So, it is good to keep your home decorated with green plants that give your home a beautiful and environment friendly look as well.
  1. Quote artwork: It is a good way to keep yourself calm and positive by doing quote artwork in some corner of your home where you visit many times in a day. It reflects that you have a creative and innovative personality.
  2. Cork: Cork is the latest design trend that not only adds warmth or texture to the home, but also makes it possible to absorb noises in large homes. Usually, this material was used as the base of the coffee table, but now it is also being used on the walls of the home for making them look cool and stylish.

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