The plethora of uses for water tanks, such as drinking water, irrigation, agricultural farming, and fire suppression, is truly impressive. That’s why having a water tank on your property is essential to a comfortable living. You can take heart knowing that you are ready to tackle nearly any obstacle, big or small. Ranging from 24,000 litres to nearly 240,000 litres, you can meet any water tank desire.

Tanks: Rainwater

A wide variety, both in size and colour, of tanks are immediately available to your home. With over 30 colours to choose from, you can have your tank seamlessly fit in with your property’s appearance. Many clients use home tanks for collecting rainwater.

This allows you to harness the weather to collect water for storage, making you a self-sustaining household. After filtration from the tank, you’re able to drink this water, providing a valuable resource for your own personal use. Filtrated through the gutters, the rain runoff will collect into pipes and eventually travel to the water tank. You have the choice of either above- or below-ground tanks, giving you the freedom to choose which tank fits in best with your home.

Different tanks are constructed using rust- and chemical-resistant materials and an opaque surface to prevent the sun from damaging the water supply, ensuring that your personal stash will be safe to drink. It’s imperative that tanks are installed with screens to prevent the encroachment of pests or insects or loose debris getting into the supply.

Tanks: Domesticity and Liners

Obviously, depending on your relative location to an area with a certain amount of precipitation, the optimal size of the tank varies. A standard size for a small family would be around 1200 litres while rainwater tanks in Brisbane can be upwards of 300,000 litres.

Tank liners ensure that layers of protection are always in the tank. By relying on 20 years of expertise and patented combinations of metallocene, polyethylene, scrim, and an extra buffer layer of polyethylene, you can take comfort that the liner will doubly protect your precious water supply.

You can get in contact with water tank specialists in your area to get a quote and plan to install whichever water tank is appropriate for your property and needs. You can also take comfort knowing that the tanks are made completely within the country, assuring that consistent quality and materials are being delivered as the definitive way to store water.


When becoming an owner of a domestic water tank, you must be cognisant of some of the hazards involved. Short cycling, mainly a problem for old tanks, occurs when the air charge in the tank is lost and the tank turns on and off rapidly. This can cause a tank to be seriously damaged, ruining your water supply and tank controls.

Dangerous leaks can also deprive you of any collected water that you may have, resulting in an unknown loss during an emergency in which supplies may not be readily available. This can also lead to a contaminated water supply and even mould buildup.