Testosterone is a hormone naturally produced in the human body. Testosterone level is higher in men that help to boost the physical strength, muscle bulk, bone mass and increases the body hair. The level of this hormone keeps changing as per the requirement of your body throughout the lifetime. The level keeps decreasing for men who are 30 years and above. In some cases, the level falls so low that you can face unwanted effects. So, in order to stay fit, you should increase the level of testosterone artificially.

Normal testosterone level

In order to make out if your T level has dropped, you need to know what the normal level is. Studies say, as per the recent results the normal range in non-obese men between the age of 19 to 39 years is 264–916 ng/dL. The level is at its peak when you are young. It has been seen that in 40% of men who are above 45 years the testosterone level are abnormally low. When your testosterone levels fall really low, you would notice some symptoms which you should carefully monitor.  There are several causes that might affect your T level like, pituitary disease, delayed puberty, benign pituitary tumor, hypothalamic disease etc. To know more about the symptoms you should check out the link https://steroidly.com/serum-testosterone/ and immediately work on improving it to help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Check your T Level at home

Many men do not prefer to visit a doctor to get their testosterone level tested. They can try out these ways through which T level can be easily monitored at home like:

  • Observe your sweat’s smell –If your testosterone level is high, the more sweat your body will produce which has a pungent smell.
  • Percentage of body fat – If your fat percentage is high then, your testosterone levels would be low and vice-versa.
  • Testicles size – Since it is the testicles in men where the hormone is produced, so if they are small in size it indicates that you have low levels of testosterone.
  • Dependency on prescription drugs –If you are on too many types of prescription drugs then your testosterone level is sure to drop down.
  • Home kit – The saliva test kit lets you easily monitor your T level conveniently at home.

Ways to improve your testosterone level

If it has been clinically detected that your T level is low, then there are certain lifestyle changes which can help you to normalize it. Mentioned below are few ways which can help you increase your T level naturally:

  • Losing weight is an ideal option which can be achieved by restricting the intake of fructose and carbohydrate.
  • You can boost the level of testosterone by indulging in high-intensity exercise and intermittent fasting.
  • Intake of zinc in good quality.
  • Intake of vitamin D is also another option.
  • Need to minimize stress, as the stress hormone cortisol blocks the production of testosterone.

So, if you want to actually keep a check on your T levels, then apart from following these tips you can also have a look at the link https://steroidly.com/serum-testosterone/ for a better idea.