Today, modern technology and manufacturing practices allow vehicles to live well over 15 years without the need for replacement, but all machines eventually need to be turned in for something better. Knowing when the day is upon you will help you save time and money by avoiding a complete breakdown at an inopportune moment on the road. Looking for a new vehicle is often fun, and having enough of a warning can help to remove some of the stress by allowing you all the time you need to make the best selection.

Out of Date

It could be that your old, worn-out car is no longer attractive in a number of ways, possibly because of dents, scratches, or any other type of problem. Driving a car for years will eventually build up a number of small dings and bumps that collect over time, causing the look and value of your car to reduce slowly. Cars for sale in Canberra, even used ones, might be the aesthetic upgrade you need to feel confident and to tell other motorists on the road that you have amazing taste in vehicles.


The older the vehicle, the less likely it is to have great fuel mileage, especially if you own a truck or any other larger-class vehicle. Modern technological improvements and innovations have produced even larger vehicles with significantly increased mileage, allowing you to make the most out of every litre of petrol bought. If you find yourself stopping for fuel more than once a week just to get around, it may be that your car is in desperate need of an upgrade, and it is fortunate that there are many used vehicles with amazing mileages and greatly reduced prices.


Although you are not required to undergo MOT testing, as you would in the UK, older cars are the worst offenders for high emissions. With more and more carbon gases released into the atmosphere each year, it is considered by some to be the duty of citizens to reduce their carbon footprint however possible. If you own a car that is well over 10 years old, it could be that you are adding to the problem, and an upgrade is a great way to find the best solution.


Finding yourself trapped on the side of the road in a broken down car is frustrating even once, but a breakdown every few months is a sign that your car is ready to go. After all, the cost of repairing the same car over and over will only continue to add up, and it will eventually die altogether. Multiple breakdowns over a short period of time is one of the biggest signs you need a replacement.


Even if you have just one repair to consider, that singular fix can cost more than your older car is worth on the market. Rather than handing out thousands just to keep your old car running for another year or even just for a few months, you could simply place a down payment on a used car that will last many years longer and cause less trouble.