The festival seasons are one of the most prominent thing in India where they will celebrate their own religious festivals in grand manner. Everyone will follow their own traditions during festival seasons. The festivals will gather people together and it is a tool to bring life to a state of exuberance and enthusiasm.

India is a land of fairs and festivals. Each and every festival has its own significance and some based on seasons which some are of national importance. The celebrations will break the monotony of work and it’s the perfect time to spend some quality with family and friends. In this stressful world everyone will pray god to give strength for handling those hectic situations and in reply they make all festivals cheerful as well as enthusiastic.

The Sikhs festivals are entirely different among other festivals. There are numerous fairs and festivals for Sikhs. They will celebrate all the festival with the Guru Granth Sahib, Sikhism’s scripture, is carried through the streets on a palanquin or float with some musical programmes that involves devotional singing.


They will celebrate this festival on occasion of anniversaries associated with the lives of Gurus. They will celebrate 10 Gurupurabs in a year. At each of these festivals, one of the most powerful KhalsaPantha is honoured among ten gurus. The celebrations is at peek at the time of Gurupurab festival where the local brands play religious music and the school students marching is the special part of this occasion.


The Diwali is the well-known festival of India and the Sikhs will celebrate this grand in different manner. Usually the Hindus will celebrate Diwali by doing fireworks online shopping and they will eliminate dark by bursting crackers. But the Sikhs have some good reasons to celebrate this Diwali and they are seeing another important festival and they decorate their home, temples and streets with lamps and multi coloured lights. Usually the Diwali will fall in the month of October.


Baisakhi is the festival to mark the beginning of the New Year according to the ancient Indian lunar calendar. They will give importance to all the festivals which is both historical and religious. It is one of the most important harvest festivals of Sikhs in Punjab. The farmers of Punjab will gather together and they perform bhangra with their favourite songs.

Nam Karan:

The Sikhs will celebrate all the important occasions they will visit Gurdwara. They will celebrate the birth of the new child by preparing KarahPrashad (sacred pudding) and Amrit(sweet water) and they will give to infant as well as mother. They will choose the name by taking the Hukam and they randomly open Sri Guru Granth Sahib to any pageand reads the hymn on that page.The first letter of the first word of the hymn is chosen. The child’s name is than chosen beginning with that letter and is announced to the congregation. Likewise they will celebrate their important occasion of life with religious and traditional manner.

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