Event jazz festival 2017 in Bali is the most awaited event that almost all of jazz music lovers like to come and enjoy the performances. Located in Ubud, Bali, this festival shows unique music which is combined a jazz harmony and groovy tunes with the artistic stage design and peaceful atmosphere in this traditional village. This exceptional jazz event is first started in 2012 by Yuri Mahatma as founder of Underground Jazz Movement and AnomDarsana as the owner and director of ANTIDA Music Productions. They formed the idea to host a community of unique jazz concert. This event gets support by many artist communities since then. The first event was held successfully in 2012. This year is the fifth edition of this jazz music festival in Ubud, Bali. This jazz music event is not only a jazz performance, but you will also find workshop for national and local music education to explore your knowledge more about jazz. Moreover, this event can attract more young people to have an interest in this music genre. Therefore, they can learn more and play jazz music to be the next generation of jazz musicians.

Music event jazz festival 2017 in Bali is one of the attractions that people are looking for when coming to this Ubud. This event festival is the international festival in jazz music genre which is held annually. This event is empowered by local community and had supported financially by the advertising, sponsorship, and pitch-fees such as merchandise, tickets, traders, and booth. This event takes for about 1000 volunteers to organize. They do working hard to create the best impression for more than 5000 audiences who come to this event. The date when this event is held is the most awaited for many people who love jazz much. There will be many performances that you can see in this event, including:

  • Benny Brown, a trumpet player from Germany
  • Gerald Clayton, a pianist from U.S
  • Steve Barry, a pianist from Australia
  • SamyThiebault, a saxophonist from France
  • Maaike Den Dunnen, a singer-composer form Netherland
  • Performances from Indonesian’s famous jazz musicians such as David Manuhutu, RicadHutapea, Tesla Manaf, Koko Harsoe, Benny and Barry Likumahua, Balawan, and many more.

Jazz music has the position in huge portion in music lovers’ heart. Experiencing event jazz festival 2017 in Bali makes you can enjoy more this music genre. There are so many events which have a kind of classical music in this era, but how about enjoying the music in peaceful area and full of nature view like Ubud? It will be the best experience ever that you have got when coming to Bali as your trip destination. The euphoria of music will be different with this event since you can watch a small event festival but has a great message in it. Jazz music event in Ubud is arranged by local communities and it becomes the most fantastic music concert in this year. It is always be a great idea for you to enjoy the music and relax your mind and escape from your busy days.