Methandrostenolone is a very popular anabolic steroid which has been used by people extensively. It is a chemical derivative of the naturally produced hormone testosterone which is a type of sex hormone present in males.  Though so named this type of hormone is present in both males and females, but itismade in more significant quantities in males. This drug has been commonly present in the market in the name of Dianabol.  Its rise to fame is due to increase use of its use by various bodybuilders and athletes to increase the muscle mass. The predominance of the product and low availability of the product in the prescribed drug market induced the popularity of it the online markets.

What is Methandrostenolone?

It is important to understand the effect of a drug byweighing the positives and negative factors. Methandrostenolone is an oral anabolic which has been used mainly as a performance enhancer in athletes. Infact, it was the reason for it to be brought into the market by the Ciba Pharmaceutical in the year 1957.The chemical modification of the drug to contain a 17α alkylated carbon which leads to an increased availability of the drug in the blood. This is because it is because not metabolized in the first pass through the liver.  The steroid is an androgenic drug which is commonly administered orally due to this modification. In the USA the production of Dianabol has been discontinued, but there are countries where its legalto manufacture it. In fact, the use of thedrug is widely popular for bodybuilders in the other countries of the world.

The effects of Dianabol use

There are many positive as well as side effects of this anabolic use. The chemical modification of the compound from the parent synthetically induces the tissue building property of the body. Itcauses permanent gains even after the completion of the cycle. It leads to the formation of the leaner muscles of the body. Along with this is the added advantage of theincrease in the strength of the body.

This steroid also has some adverse effects.  Extensive use of the drug can lead to increases in the toxicity of the liver. The use of the drug has extensive estrogenic property as it gets converted to a potent form of methylestradiol that has amore binding affinity than estradiol. Thiscan causes problems like Gynecomastia or water retention.

Methandrostenolone in sale

The availability of the drug in the US according to FDA norms makes it difficult to be obtained. Insuchcases,the widespread popularity of the drug in the online market is justified. Different sites may give a lot of offers, but care should be taken to obtain these products as they may contain counterfeit. For the use of these online products care should be taken to choose drugs from verified sources so that itcontains the drug in ideal amounts. Problems can arise when tablets containing inactive fillers or production of it in non-sterile containers are used. In the US the use of Dianabol is prohibited, but there are other countries where it’s legalto manufacture and use of the drug. Care should be taken as the use of this steroid for muscle gain is not a proved medically, and the actions can lead to harmful effect to the user’s body.