It is quite exciting and great news to know that Facebook has started supporting gifs on the users’ personal profiles. Gifs have been the most shared stuffs on the web for more years. Facebook now supports these fun directly, which turns out to be a more viral and attractive pieces of content. While facebook gifs are at present not allowed on the company pages, there are yet more ways you can influence this great news for the purpose of your business.

Right gifs to post on facebook

There are number of gifs out there on the web. Some of them include popular television show clips, funny cat ones and even the red carpet blunders. These are both popular and funny, but you may wonder how they are helpful. Instead of grabbing the funny gif that you come across first, consider spending some thought, time and consideration as to how gif could help your business reach its objective. It is recommended that you find some existing gifs that are relatable easily to your audience and brand. If your business is dealing with fashion, then those gifs showing red carpet blunder can be a perfect choice for you. If you are a pet shop, funny cat gifs are the absolute choice for you. If you are not able to choose the right GIF, you can always make them. Consider developing gifs that describe your company culture, story and declare some exciting news about the company.

  • Make employees to share your gif

Gifs is an excellent opportunity for you as well as your team to get be creative and enhance the power of your committed employees. Also, consider running fun-filled internal contests that motivates everyone to share company based gifs in their personal facebook profiles. While doing this, ensure offering clear instructions on how to post the best gif in their profile and offer any copy recommendations to aid them out. However, bear in mind that your employees’ facebook profile are their personal so never demand. Try to just make it rewarding and fun for everyone.

  • Set the stage

An effective gif can narrate its own story; however there are truly times while setting the stage becomes must. This is particularly true when you use an already existing gif. While posting on facebook, make sure it is not difficult for your users to understand why you post the gif and also how it is related to your company. For instance, if you try to recruit new ones and using gifs to share how great it is to work in your company, check whether this GIF can attain the goal what it is intended for.

  • Evaluate and test

As with anything else you are doing on social media, you would need to evaluate and test your posting efforts of GIF. If gifs for facebook help driving traffic, improve brand affinity and boost engagement, it will be significant to know things like why, how and when. When your efforts don’t work out, you must perform some adjustments and then try once again.