More and more people who smoke tobacco cigarettes are moving away from them to electronic cigarettes. To make the transition smooth so that you do not need to go back to your old cigarettes, you need to choose the best ecig. The principle on which an ecig works is as follows. When the ecig is turned on or activated, the heating element in it turns on and vaporizes the liquid that is present. This vaporized liquid is what comes out as a smoke or vapor. Hence the choice of eliquid is the most important factor which helps in smooth transitioning to ecig.

How to choose

To choose the best suitable liquid, you first need to know what makes up the liquid. The liquid that you can see in the different sized cartridges and refills is a mixture which consists generally of the four important components namely water, PG/VG mix, nicotine (optional) and flavoring. The percentage of each of these elements will result in different tastes. As a buyer, you can always choose the percentage of nicotine that should go into the liquid. Most of the e liquid manufacturers will offer high, medium, low and zero nicotine strengths for all the flavors. Choosing the right strength is essential to keeping away from tobacco cigarettes. VG – vegetable glycerin has a sweet taste and gives the smoke a sweet taste too. It can also produce a thick and dense vapor. PG is more intense than VG and gives a throat hit. If you are not used to throat hit, you will find that vaping a liquid with PG makes your throat dry and irritating. Different flavors will taste differently. It is a highly subjective matter and it is difficult to pick up one flavor and say everyone will like it. You can buy a pack with multiple flavors and try out each to pick up a winner. However, it is important to choose the right product with the right flavor that best suits your needs and preferences. Then only you can get the enough satisfaction in it.

When a person visits a restaurant or checks for menu for making online food order, the first thing he checks in the desserts or milkshakes menu is availability of flavors. He may order only one item but, loves to make a choice out of a lengthy list of flavors. This shows the fascination of people for new flavors and their interest to try varieties. Same thing is implemented in the case of ejuice. Demanding customers have fascination for different flavors in ejuice. They don’t like to go with the same flavor every time. Looking at the growing demands of customers, the company has introduced many new flavors also the research is under process to increase the list of flavors. The key flavors available in the market are candy, classic recipes, drinks, fruit, sweets, and tobacco and signature flavors. Sub categories of each of these flavors are really tempting.