The immigration process to Canada is mainly handled by the IRCC or Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship of Canada, which is a governmental body that sets and amends the regulations, rules and policies impacting the immigration systems for Canada, whether it be national or the state like the Provincial Nominee Programs. Canada is the nation where there is regular shortage of skilled workers and IRCC tends to introduce multiple pathways to allow foreign nationals to enter or migrate to Canada and join the workforce and work and live with Permanent Residence Visa. So, if you live in India and want to migrate to Canada, then it is important for you to know the Canada Immigration Process from India.

The Pathways for Migrating to Canada from India

There are many popular pathways for applying for PR visa and migrate to Canada from India. Some of the pathways for Indian Immigration to Canada are:

  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program
  • Provincial Nominee Programs
  • Express Entry Programs
  • Family Sponsorship

Details for Canada Immigration Process from India

  • Education Credential Assessment – This is the first step and you need to submit the document of ECA to support your PR profile on Express Entry. It will show your educational qualifications that it is equal to the Canadian educational system and hence you can get selected for immigration.
  • IELTS Language Ability Report – This is the language proficiency certificate which is one of the crucial documents to support your application. This will give you the points which you need to score to be eligible for the PR Visa. The Language ability not only shows that you are able to read, speak and write English in social settings.
  • Submit Express Entry Application – After you have all the required documents you need to submit the application online. You need to know that Express Entry Program offers several pathways for Indian Immigration to Canada and this includes:
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experienced Class
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • After creating the profile and choosing the pathway through which you want to apply for Canada PR, you are required to submit the online application and provide all the details that are asked like age, education, work experience and married or single.
  • Get CRS Score – Comporehsnive Ranking System is the score that would decide if you qualify for Indian Immigration to Canada or not. After creating the profile, you will receive the CRS Score based on your ranking of various factors that you have submitted like language ability, age, education, work experience and more.
  • Applying for PNP – The Provincial Nominee Program is the great way to secure your Indian Immigration to Canada via Express Entry Draw. There are 10 Provinces and each province has different criteria for immigration and hence you need to check the requirements before applying for PNP program.
  • Wait for Express Entry Draw – After fulfilling all the immigration requirements and receiving the CRS score and nomination for PNP program, you are required to wait for the Express Entry Draw. It usually takes 15 days.
  • Invitation to Apply for Nomination Certificate – Once you receive the ITA and get PNP Nomination, you can apply for Canada PR visa and move to Canada with PR visa in hand.