It is a well know fact that men find the female form attractive, and a dancing female form, scantily clad,irresistible. Exotic dancers have been around for a very long time, more recently the trend is toward pole dancing in lap dancing clubs.

It is just a Pole.

Well yes, you could say that however flinging yourself about upside down on a pole is no easy feat. Pole dancers are physically strong; they have to be to stay on the pole. Call it aerial gymnastics and you would not be far wrong.  Holding your own weight and still maintaining a rhythmic and sensual act is not at all as simple as it sounds.

A Popular Sport.

A whole new industry has opened up from what used to be strictly an activity found in strippers clubs. Pole dancing is a very popular competitive sport. Many a dancing studio quickly added a pole dancing section so as not to lose out on a money making opportunity. Add to that the invention of the portable pole and many a pole dancer working at a lap dancing club can now be a dance instructor offering private lessons in the comfort of your own home. At competition level the participants are gymnasts, with amazing body strength, working out on the pole leads to  incredibly strong core muscles, back muscles and legs and buttocks the envy of many a Ballerina.

Men like it too.

Traditionally the spectator, in this case, pole dancing has even got men competing, and what a great way to show off those muscles. Pole dancing gives a great all over body workout and not surprisingly many male gymnasts take to the pole for a variation in their daily routine.

Let’s go Clubbing.

Right, who is in the mood for a lap dance? Not always everyone’s cup of tea, the close proximity and the fact that your mates are probably all watching you watching her, can often just leave you feeling disappointed. Next time you are out and about, consider going to Vanity – Soho and take in a world-class Pole Dance routine that will leave you feeling very satisfied indeed. Exotic dancers or Olympic Gymnasts?  You decide.

Lap dancing, pole dancing, both are easy to find in the movies and many have a sleazy strip club scene in which the dancers are not painted in the best light. With the advent of pole dancing as a sport so come pole dancing scenes in film which are so well choreographed and performed, that you find yourself selecting the scene over and over. Two such films are Burlesque (2010) and Rock of Ages (2012) in which the pole dancing routines quite simply steal the show.

Make your next visit to a lap dancing club a special one, treat yourself to a pole dance and enjoy the strength and acrobatics of an athlete. Finding a group pole dance routine will not be a waste of time or money as these routines are a sight to behold and guaranteed to be one visit to a lap dancing club that you will not forget.