Birthdays are an occasion of joy for everyone. We all plan to do something special for our loved ones and the planning starts months ago. Every birthday has a birthday cake. We just cannot imagine a birthday celebration without one.

These days the personalised cakes have made their way their way through everybody’s heart and even though they come out to be a little expensive than the usual cake, it is worth every penny. These cakes at least need a whole day for preparation hence one needs to place an order at least a day before.

So, I am going to sum up the 5 basic kinds of themes that are making these personalised cakes so famous and could be a choice for you if you were planning on to have next day delivery birthday cakes.

  1. Favourite series/movies themed cake- now we all have our favourite movie star or favourite series. So having a cake based on such theme is absolutely wonderful. It is very famous amongst the teen agers these years. You could surprise your brother or sister or your child by having a birthday cake themed one of those big TV stars. This gives the cake a whole new look and is much appreciated by all.
  2. Sports themed cakes- now some of us are major sports fan, especially the boy. They are very fond of sports like football and cricket. So, one can plan to have a sports themed cake for their young teenager. Trust me they are going to absolutely love it.
  3. Cartoon themed cakes- these kinds of cakes can have images or the entire cake could be shaped like a cartoon character. These cakes are much loved by the little ones. You could go for a Tom and Jerry cake for your notorious one, or a Barbie cake for your little princess; whichever you choose to have will definitely be awed by all.
  4. Number themed cakes- now these kinds of cakes could be used for birthdays or anniversaries too. You could do something special for your girl who is turning sweet sixteen or your child who is about to turn 1, or do something special for your parents 25th These cakes make perfect sense when it comes to such major events of our lives.
  5. Personalised photo cake- now this is something very unique. In such cakes a personalised photo is printed on the face of the cake. For instance you are celebrating your kid’s birthday; you could have an adorable picture of him on the cake. This is something completely out of the box and will come to all as a big surprise.

So, these are a few tips for personalised cakes in case you are planning for a birthday soon. But, just in case birthday cakes are too much of a cliché then you could gift something healthier like fruit baskets, or Swiss chocolates just like my cousin had delivered fruit basket uk for my birthday. But, honestly a cake would’ve been loved too.