When the school administrators need to share an urgent message with thousands of students, how will they do it promptly? The effectiveness of digital signage in the retail sector is known to all but educational institute can also use this to communicate with their students any time during the school hours. The best part of digital signage systems is that it helps you spread your information to a large number of people at one go.

Forget about spreading leaflet or hanging poster to make your students aware of any activity or a holiday notice. Such age-old processes are time-consuming and impractical solutions as most posters get ripped and many students don’t even collect the leaflets. So to drag everyone’s attention, there’s no better substitute available for digital signage. This versatile solution allows the school authority to provide important information on time. Students can easily memorize the colorful display that appears in an animated form. Here are top five reasons why all school can benefit from digital signage on their campus.

  1. Timely announcement: When the school authority has something to announce on an emergency basis leaflet or poster will not come to any aid but digital signage can be used to make the announcement viral. It is more visible to the students than any other conventional form of advertisements. The ad is readable on a plasma screen and you can highlight the sensitive or the critical information as per your requirement.
  2. Safety on campus: During a severe crisis like flood, storm, or, criminal activity timely response will be crucial to saving lives. This is when the digital signage system comes to their aid. The school administrator easily put the information like ‘where to go’ and ‘what to do’ to avoid any confusion among the students. This tool is used to notify everyone on the campus at the exact time. So it works as an alert.
  3. Event promotion: Students neither check the notice board nor read the poster. So if you have to announce about a program or an event how will you ensure maximum participation? Through digital signage, you can update your students about upcoming events, competitions, and more.
  4. 4. Lunch menu: You can use the digital boards to announce your menu for each day. Promoting healthy foods in your cafeteria will become easier using this tool. This is how you can encourage your pupils to purchase proper meal instead of junk foods like pizza and burger.
  5. Encourage participation: In addition to saving the cost of the pen, paper, and print, digital boards can also be used to sell tickets for many school events. From announcing fundraising program to selling tickets for the annual program, the digital signage can help you boost attendance by increasing awareness of the current activities. Any student’s extraordinary achievement can also be highlighted using this.

To install this system, you need a help from a professional service provider like Navori. They have the experience and expertise in handling such tricky job. Hiring them will help you get an instant result.